Mason Street Conservation Area

The 12-acre property sits along the Palmer River and is located over a high yield aquifer. The parcel is comprised of a significant open area of arable land which contains a field that, while upland, remains within the 100 year flood plain and is currently farmed.

Public Access

Mason Street is open to the public. Currently there are no paths or parking areas. There is a canoe access point at the river. The property is actively leased by a farmer; visitors should be respectful during the growing and harvesting season and stay on the perimeter of the field. Visitors (and their dogs) are encouraged to wear blaze orange if walking the property during hunting season.

Project/Property Background

The project was urgent due to the sprawling development patterns common in southeastern Massachusetts. The project had the potential to support up to three residences, two of which had received the necessary approvals. The lots, however, lay in a flood plain, and had the potential to adversely impact water quality and habitat. At the time, the sluggish housing market led the landowners to consider an offer significantly less than the parcel was originally valued providing the RLT a unique opportunity to acquire this riverfront property.

Conservation Purposes

The purpose for conserving this property was advancing the RLT’s efforts to establish a “greenway” along the Palmer River, helping to protect Rehoboth’s remaining working farms, and protecting a critical high yield aquifer (the town does not have a municipal water supply). It lies within the National Heritage and Endangered species program and a future canoe and kayak launch site on the river is planned.

Land Owner/Funding Partners

The land is owned by the Rehoboth Land Trust with a conservation restriction held by the Rehoboth Conservation Commission. The funding was a cooperative effort between the Rehoboth Land Trust, the Town of Rehoboth, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, The Trustees of Reservations, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Conservation Partnership grant program.

Mason Street Conservation Area

Directions: From Providence Street, take a left onto Mason Street. From US Route 6, head west and take a right onto Mason Street.