Ephraim Hunt Ministerial Land

Ephraim Hunt consists of sandy upland pitch-pine forest and wooded wetlands bisected by two streams. It provides habitat for the wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta), a Massachusetts listed species of special concern and is situated over a high yield aquifer. It also contains a sinuous ridge of gravelly outwash, known as an esker.

Public Access

EHML is open to the public from a small parking area located on Pond Street. Several trails wind through the property. Hunting is allowed on the property during hunting season. Visitors (and their dogs) are encouraged to wear blaze orange if walking the property during hunting season.

Project/Property Background

The Congregational Church in the center of town needed to raise funds to repair the sanctuary ceiling and the steeple. They considered selling some of their ministerial land, but many members of the church felt that the land should not be developed. The Rehoboth Land Trust ended up purchasing the property at a bargain sale thus giving the members of the church the monies needed to fix the steeple and assuring that the land would stay in its original, natural state.

Conservation Purposes

The purpose for conserving this property was water resource, protection of a high yield aquifer, habitat, biodiversity, open space, and passive recreation.

Land Owner/Funding Partners

The land is owned by the Rehoboth Land Trust with a conservation restriction held by the Rehoboth Conservation Commission. The funding was a cooperative effort between the Rehoboth Land Trust, the Rehoboth Conservation Commission, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, and The Trustees of Reservations.

Ephraim Hunt Ministerial Land

Open to the public

Directions: From US Route 44, take Bay State Road south about 100 yards to Pond Street. Turn right onto Pond Street and the parking lot is located about 1 mile west on the left.