Hunting on RLT Properties

In keeping with wildlife conservation practices, the Rehoboth Land Trust allows hunting on some of our properties. We strongly encourage visitors to wear blaze orange or brightly-colored clothing to increase their visibility during hunting season. While most hunting occurs between October 1 and February 28, the most popular hunting activity happens during deer season, ranging from mid-October to December 31, depending on hunting method.

Hunting Awareness & Safety Tips

Visitors enjoying our select public properties where hunting is allowed should be aware of the following:

  • For safety, all visitors (adults, children, and dogs) should wear blaze orange or bright colors during hunting season.
  • Hunting is not allowed on Sundays.
  • Hunting is not allowed within 500 feet of a building that is in use or within 150 feet of a paved road.
  • Hunting hours are generally 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.

Visitors Intending to Hunt

We consider hunters to be our partners in responsible stewardship of our properties. Hunters should inform the RLT of their intent to hunt. Please click the Intent to Hunt button below.

Hunters are responsible for informing themselves of and adhering to all State hunting regulations. To view the the current rules, please visit the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Laws & Regulations website for more information.


Rehoboth Land Trust Hunting Rules:

  • Hunters are responsible for adhering to all state hunting regulations.
  • Hunters should inform the RLT of their intent to hunt. Please provide your name, email address or telephone number, and on which properties you will be hunting by clicking on the “Intent to Hunt” button.
  • No person may install a permanent tree stand on RLT property. A permanent tree stand is defined as a hunting platform or structure fastened to a tree using nails, bolts, wire, or other fasteners that pierce through the bark into the wood of the tree.
  • Non-permanent tree stands cannot be in place for more than 30 days. Hunters must disable the ladder/climbing access after each use to prevent unintended use by others. Failure to do so may result in loss of RLT hunting privileges and/or removal of the tree stand.


Hunting is allowed on the following RLT properties: