Saving Land Means Saving Dollars

The Trust for Public Lands recently conducted a study that measured and analyzed the economic benefits of land conservation. The studies have shown that “conservation returns from $4 to $10 for every dollar invested.” The return comes in the form of recreational opportunities, flood control, protection of air and drinking water quality, wildlife habitat, and farming -- supporting tourism, agriculture, and fisheries.

 Rural towns like Rehoboth with a limited tax base benefit even more in the preservation of open space by not overburdening town budgets with the demand for increased services. With each home dependent on a well and septic system the protection of our individual water supplies is very important, and most Rehoboth townspeople value the rural character of our town and its recreational opportunities.

The Rehoboth Land Trust, the Conservation Commission, the Agricultural & Natural Resources Council and the Community Preservation Committee share a common interest in preserving open space for farming, resource protection, and recreation. Currently the groups have joined together to place a permanent conservation restriction on a 92 acre parcel owned by the Oak Hill Beagle Club.

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Rehoboth Land Trust welcomes new members in the effort to conserve Rehoboth’s landscape. For more information contact Adam Latham at 252-1033 or at adam.latham@comcast.net.

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